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The Zee.Bowl Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

The Zee.Bowl Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

The Zee.Bowl is a height adjustable elevated dog bowl and slow feeder in one.

Elevate your dog’s mealtime with the Zee.Bowl by Zee.Dog’s the dog bowl reinvented! The Zee.Bowl was designed to improve your dog’s posture while they eat and promote slower feeding to help aid digestion and better nutrient absorption. The inner bowl is removable for easy cleaning and is dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe.

Available in a range of contemporary colours, the sleek  and minimalist design will fit in well with any NZ dog owners décor.

Zee.Bowl raised dog bowl with slow feeder:

  • Elevated dog bowl that is fully height adjustable from approx. 12.5cm up to 30cm tall.
  • Improves the dog’s posture and allows for slower chewing to help promote increased nutrient absorption.
  • Slower eating can help prevent bloat and regurgitation.
  • The bowl can hold up to 4.5 cups of dog food.
  • Anti-slip grip bottom to help to keep the bowl in one place.
  • The removable top bowl is dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe.


Elevated dog bowls with slow feeders by Zee.Dog

What is a slow feeder dog bowl?

A slow feeder dog bowl is intended to slow down the eating process, giving your dog more time to chew before swallowing. A slow feeder bowl or interactive feeder is a dog bowl or enrichment mat that has obstacles that your dog needs to work around to reach their food. Slow feeders come in varying levels of difficulty. A harder challenge will come from a bowl or enrichment mat that has multiple obstacles to navigate around.

The Zee.Bowl by Zee.Dog is a basic level slow feeder with one central raised obstacle. It’s a great option for dogs that get frustrated or lose interest with slow feeders that are too complex.


What are the benefits of a slow bowl or enrichment feeder?

Slowing your dog's eating can help to prevent digestive discomfort and issues like nausea and vomiting after eating. Fast-eating pups that gulp down their meals are also at higher risk for bloat, Besides choosing high quality dog fooda dog slow feeder can help to prevent this.

By slowing your dog down while eating and encouraging them to chew their food, they will be able to better digest and absorb nutrients in food.

Slow feeder mats for dogs are another great way to make mealtimes slower and more challenging for your dog. Lick mats made by Messy Mutts or Lickimat make the dog work harder for their food by turning mealtime into an enrichment activity. Lick mats for dogs work like a puzzle as the dog has to navigate around the raised textured surface which holds the food in place preventing them from gulping it down.


Should I consider a raised dog feeder for my dog?

Elevated dog bowls help with swallowing. When your dog has to reach down to eat food, they have to move food against gravity up the oesophagus. When you elevate your pets bowls, it makes swallowing much easier.

Raised bowls provide a healthier posture for dogs to eat their food. Feeding your dog at a more comfortable height enables relief from neck muscle stress and tension while eating. Raised dog bowls can also be great for older dogs because there's less strain on their ageing joints.

Elevated dog bowls for large dogs can be particularly beneficial. The Zee.Bowl easily adjusts to the right height depending on your dog’s size. Spinning the top section of the bowl will expand and reduce the height from 13cm, up to about 30cm tall. As the Zee.Bowl is an all-in-one raised bowl, this eliminates the need for a dog bowl stand.


Upgrade your dog’s feeding station with a durable feeding mat

Minimise mess and spills with the Zee.Mat by Made from non-toxic, natural rubber for heavy duty durability. With an anti-slip base adnd textured surface, this deluxe feeding mat provides stable food placement for your dog. Easy to keep clean with a wet cloth and it’s also dishwasher safe.

What’s really cool about the Zee.Mat? The built-in ant barrier! The fillable groove around the feeding mat can be filled with water to protect your dog’s food bowls from pesky intruders.

The Zee.Mat is available in several trendy colours and pairs perfectly with the Zee.Bowl, Stainless-Steel Tuff Bowl and Duo Cat Bowls.


Shop NZ's best elevated dog bowls and slow feeders online from Banquet Pet NZ.

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