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Catnip for cats

Refillable Catnip Cat Toys by GiGwi

GiGwi refillable catnip cat toy

Cats of New Zealand, here’s our top picks for refillable cat toys that pack a punch and will to send the senses into a spin.

The GiGwi range of Catch & Scratch refillable catnip toys for cats come complete with three mesh ‘tea bags’ of premium (and potent!) organically grown catnip. Each refillable cat toy has a pocket with Velcro closure to easily insert a fresh bag of ground catnip without any mess. After prolonged use, when the odour and allure begin to fade, reinvigorate the toy with a new bag of catnip and keep your cat coming back for more.

The soft plush outer of these cute cat toys also makes them great for cats that like to snuggle once playtime is over.

You will find the refillable series by GiGwi in our cat toy collection. These best-selling cat toys are a firm favourite with pussycats around NZ and one is usually never enough!


What is catnip?

The catnip plant, or Nepeta Cataria is a natural and non-addictive herb which is a member of the mint family.

GiGwi premium catnip is top quality and organically grown in North America. The herb is dried and ground and supplied in handy sealed mesh bags for quick and easy, mess-free refilling of your cat’s plush cat toy.


Why do cats love catnip?

Cats are naturally attracted to dried or fresh catnip because nepetalactone is contained in the stems and leaves. Rubbing or chewing on catmint helps to release the feline attractant which binds to receptors in their noses and stimulates certain brain chemicals related to mood and happiness.

For some cats the effect of catnip will send them into a frenzy while other cats will mellow and appear euphoric.


Are catnip toys good for cats?

A fun way to help cats de-stress and relax after a long day of exploring (or sunbathing), catnip contains the chemical nepetalactone that is non-addictive, and, in many cats, it will elicit hyper and/or zen behaviours and responses. Nepetalactone can work like a mild sedative helping the cat become more relaxed and even reduce feline anxiety. Natural catnip does not contain any toxic properties, making it safe for use in cat toys.

Cats will react to catnip by flipping, rubbing, rolling, becoming playful and hyperactive, and then eventually zoning out. They may meow or growl at the same time and some cats may become possessive of their toy, especially if you approach them.


What if my cat doesn’t react to catnip?

Not all cats will go crazy for catnip, only around 70-80% of domestic cats will react. The response is inherited from one or both parents and kittens under the age of six months are often immune until they have reached maturity. If your cat does not go wild for 'nip' then they will often still love to toss, kick and chase a toy to satisfy their playful hunting instincts.

For cats that love squeaks, chirps and tweets. The GiGwi Melody Chaser range features motion activated sound chips that activate when your cat touches and plays with the toy.


Is it safe for my cat to eat catnip?

Cats love catnip and it’s a safe herb for them to play with and eat (in moderation).

The catmint herb has a unique effect on cats: while sniffing it can make them energetic, eating it often has the opposite effect, calming them down. For humans, it is often used in the form of tea to help reduce anxiety and aid with insomnia. Cats may also eat it directly to achieve the same calming effect.

Be mindful of overindulgence though. Cats are unlikely to overdose on catnip, but they can get get an upset tummy if they eat too much.

The dried leaf supplied with GiGwi refillable toys is enclosed in a mesh bag, and this is then secured inside the toy with a Velcro seal. It’s unlikely that they will consume the catnip – but if they do, it won’t harm them.

GiGwi toys use USA grown, certified organic catnip. This ensures that no sprays or pesticides were used in its production.


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Rangimarie Martin - May 29, 2023

What if my cat eats the catnip in the toy ?

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