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Yeti Puff and Play. Interactive Dog Treat Toy

Yeti Puff and Play. Interactive Dog Treat Toy

New and exclusive to Banquet, the Puff & Play by Yeti is an enrichment dog toy and healthy dog treat dispenser in one. NZ dogs love the cheesy deliciousness of Yeti dog treats and chews!

When a Yeti Nugget is microwaved inside the toy it expands, doubling in size to fill the cavity for a fun and tasty challenge. The microwaved treat will puff, transforming into an ultra-crunchy cheese snack that dogs LOVE.


Cute dog with Yeti Puff and Play interactive dog treat toy

How to use the Yeti Enrichment Dog Toy

Place a Yeti Nugget inside the hollow cavity and microwave the toy with nugget inside for about 60 seconds. Microwaving the treat when its inside the toy will puff and expand the treat to twice its size, securing it in place so that your dog has to work harder for the reward. Wait for the puffed treat to cool and let your dog enjoy the crunchy treat!

Once your dog has finished with their Yeti enrichment toy clean-up is easy. Pop Yeti into the dishwasher (top rack) or rinse in the sink.

The Yeti Puff and Play is an interactive treat dispensing dog toy that's suitable for light to moderate chewers. Each Puff & Play dog toy comes complete with 4 nuggets. Nugget refills can also be purchased separately.


How are Yeti Nuggets and Himalayan Dog Chews made?

Yeti Nuggets and chews are all-natural. They are made with only three ingredients: yak and cow milk, plus a splash of lime juice. These gourmet delights are high in protein, grain free, lactose free, and have minimal odour.

The Yeti Dog Chew is a hard cheese. It has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Furthermore, it is free from grains, gluten and soy. The recipe has been popular in the Himalayan region of Nepal for centuries and is now a favourite amongst dogs worldwide.

Yeti Dog Chews and Nuggets are an ideal treat to promote healthy teeth and gums and the texture helps reduce plaque and tartar build up as your pup chews.

Produced in Nepal at an altitude of over 15,000 feet, the traditional chew and nuggets are made using ancient recipes. The harvesting process begins in the Himalayan regions, where yak and cow milk are collected. The animals forage and graze on medicinal plants and herbs free from modern day pollutants. The end result is a nutrient-rich and high quality product.


What’s the difference between Yeti Nuggets and Yeti Chews?

Yeti Nuggets are smaller, treat sized pieces of the popular Yeti Himalayan dog chew. Both are made using the same recipe and they are cut to different sizes. The dog chews are sized appropriately for small to large dogs. The Nuggets are treat portions which need to be puffed up prior to feeding.

Just like a Yeti Nugget, the leftover end piece of a full-sized Himalayan dog chew can be microwaved which transforms them into a super crunchy dog treat.


Is Himalayan cheese good for dogs?

Cheese is a nutrient packed food and contains protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and B-complex vitamins.

Cheese is beneficial for dental health. It contains high levels of phosphate and calcium, which help strengthen teeth and bones. These minerals naturally fortify the teeth and bones. Eating cheese can also help protect teeth from cavities as it balances pH levels in the mouth and increases saliva production, counteracting the acids formed in plaque.

It is often difficult for dogs to digest raw milk. This is because it is high in lactose. However, when milk is processed into hard Himalayan cheese, it becomes more digestible and most of the fat and lactose is also removed during this process. Lactose is the primary reason for digestive upset for dogs that have issues consuming milk products.


What are the benefits of treat dispensing toys?

Interactive puzzles and enrichment dog toys are designed to stimulate and challenge your dog by incorporating problem-solving skills. Treat dispensing dog toys reward your dog and keep them physically and mentally active while providing environmental enrichment.

We stock a range of high quality dog toys and many can be used with food and treats. Including something tasty helps to keep your dog actively engaged for longer. This can be great for reducing stress or reinforcing good behaviour when crate training.


Yeti treat dispensing dog toy and Himalayan cheese treats


Banquet Pet is the exclusive NZ retailer for Yeti Dog Chew. Shop the full range of Yeti dog treats and chews here.

Feature images: Cooper Poopomchi @cooperpooo_

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