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A real gourmet sausage for dog's of all life-stages

A real gourmet sausage for dog's of all life-stages

Tribal gourmet sausages are made with 80% real fresh meat. Grain-free, complete wet food for dogs of all life-stages.

Single source protein, 3 ingredient recipe. 

Hypoallergenic, free from common allergens such as beef, grans and peas.

Suitable for feeding alongside Tribal Fresh Pressed Dog Food. 

  • Grain free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Made in the UK
  • 750g

Available in 6 delicious recipes: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Duck, Salmon, White Fish


Fun Feeding

Chop up the Tribal Sausage and stuff into an interactive treat dispensing toy for a more challenging and entertaining mealtime.

Tribal Sausage also makes a an excellent high-value training reward, just dice into small treat sized morsels. The soft but firm texture makes it a quick and easy treat for dogs to consume while training.



Refrigerate after opening. You can also slice and freeze the sausage for up to 3 months.

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